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I think the idea of mixing luxury and mass-market fashion is very modern, very now - no one wears.
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About MAGA

Our passion seasoned with your style

MAGA the Brand

At MAGA we are designing a glamorous yet sustainable way of living, presenting and perceiving the world through clothing. At MAGA we tie the knot between sustainability and fashion. Each fabric at MAGA is soaked into the contemporary layers of glamour and comfort. Each garment has a story to tell and each story will seed a desire within you to own a MAGA.

Here we are, MAGA, A zero waste company. We use only sustainable fabrics like organza, linen and organic cotton, wool and khadi.

Every product is unique and cannot be replicated easily as we utilize the leftovers and give them a new design. We bring you the best of glam and sexy clothes while keeping in mind that high-quality things aren’t always too expensive. Our goal is to make fashion as easy as possible but with zero pollution, that is why we add carefully selected products on a daily basis, and this is essential for MAGA.

With every garment, we save up 1- 1.5 kgs of trash ending up in landfills!

Our Story

MAGA was born on a sunny afternoon in 2015 when two sisters Gauri Agarwal and Mridu Agarwal infused passion, art and unconditional love for nature and comfort fabrics in the air. MAGA has been thoughtfully sculptured to make you fall in love with your style and identity. Each garment represents a beautiful image of the self which desires to drape your body, mind, and soul. Each garment is a story of individuality, comfort, sustainability, and style.
MAGA introduces garments which are thoughtfully preserving a sense of your identity in the accelerating modern world.



We take care of the comfort of our customers. Every buyer is very important to us.


We cooperate only with reliable partners, whom we know for a very long time.


We care that our products always correspond to high quality. We always have the best things.

A trendsetter

We follow the latest innovations in the field of fashion. We always have the fashionable clothes.

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